Dust Mites Be Gone: Tips On How To Effectively Remove Dust Mites From Your Home

Does your home have dust mites?

Chances are it does and there’s no single way to totally eliminate them, but you can decrease the number of mites in your home using a few different preventative strategies. Dust mites are really tiny microscopic animals that are relatives of the spider. They usually live in upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets and mattresses, feeding on the dead skin flakes that you and your pets shed daily. And they thrive in humid and warm places.

The easiest way to decrease their numbers is to use your air conditioner to keep the humidity levels at about 50% or lower in your home. You also want to make sure that you wash all of your blankets and bedding at least once a week in hot water to kill them off. If you can, encase your pillows and mattresses in dust-proof covers.

And dust mites are even worse with people with allergies. Even though you can’t see the dust mites, they could be making you sick and you might not even though they’re the root of the problem. If you’ve been having an allergic reaction in your home and not know why, dust mites could be the problem.

Another way to help decrease their numbers is using an innovative new air treatment called Probiotic Fogging from Smart Air Solutions. The air treatment will completely sanitize your space from dust mites, in addition to other things like bacteria and viruses, minimizing you and your family’s risk of harmful pathogens causing harm to everyone’s health. And the solution eliminates mold and odors at the same time. It works by using probiotics (the same ones that help promote a healthy gut), which are then dispersed via an industrial fogging machine that will really penetrate your entire space (nooks and crevices) for a full cleaning. A beneficial film protection made up of organic, good bacteria is sprayed in your home to shield it from harmful pathogens.

And with a 100% guarantee backing the service, how can you not want to provide a safer home for your family? The solution is very effective, consuming germs and odors using beneficial bacteria to leave a healthier indoor environment. 

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