Probiotics For Your Skin

You already know that probiotics are great for your health and with Smart Air Solutions, it’s also great for improving your home’s indoor air quality. But did you know that probiotics are also very beneficial for your plants? If you’re a gardener or grow your own fruits and vegetables, using Smart Air Solutions’ Liquid Probiotic Spray can also help your plants thrive.

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that can treat numerous things – from digestion to hygiene and so much more. However, they are not just great for people and can help maintain a balance between bad and good bacterial in soil and plants. These helpful microbes will help them grow healthier, bigger and stronger! Probiotics help against harmful environmental changes in plants and soil since they are very adaptive and quickly evolve to changes like drought, head, limited nutrients and bad bacteria.

The Liquid Probiotic Spray cleans all the way down to the microscopic level and is a certified green product since it features a biodegradable, non-toxic formula that’s been FDB approved for laboratory testing. It’s safe for humans, pets and plants, keeping everyone and thing safe from harmful bacteria. Once it’s sprayed on, it leaves a protective layer of beneficial stabilized probiotics that will work and protect from harmful bacterial days after the first application. It works on literally everything – from pillows to mattresses, furniture and so much more, including plants. Plus, it’s safe for all washable surfaces, clothing and skin, with the ability to get rid of lingering odors that just won’t go away!

By spraying it on your fruit and vegetable plants, you’ll be introducing them to helpful microbes that will aid in their growth and development. The solution itself isn’t bad for the environment and is safe for your backyard pets. 

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