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At Smart Air Solutions, our ultimate commitment in serving our clients is enhancing their lives by delivering a high quality hygiene service to help ease your allergies and create the cleanest indoor environment possible for you and your family.  Probiotics, are the good bacteria that live in your gut, that help you stay healthy. 

Our Probiotic Fogging® service, fogs these healthy microbes at an industrial level to replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria, called Probiotics right in your home! Learn how Probiotic Fogging® alleviates allergy breakouts, enhances overall Hygiene, eliminates odors and restores balance at the microscopic level in your home! 


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At Smart Air Solutions, we offer our signature Probiotic Fogging® service to clients facing issues with Low Air Quality, Sick Building Syndrome, Allergies, General hygiene and Strong Odors. 

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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are organic beneficial bacteria that clean and consume irritants on the microscopic level!  Through a process called "Quorum Sensing" probiotics consume allergens and Convert them into C02, leaving no residue behind at the microscopic level!

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Interested in destroying mold spores, bacteria, viruses and dust mites? Looking to have your home deodorized? Our Probiotic Fogging® service is an effective hygiene solution for those that suffer from allergies at home or at work!

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Our 100% organic Probiotic Sprays are essential to a healthy lifestyle. Safe for use on skin, pets and families, but tough on germs! Use our spray to diminish harmful bacteria, viruses, and allergens wherever you go! 

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Liquid Probiotic Spray (Non Scented)
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This is an innovative company with a great philosophy!  The owner, Jorge, is extremely down to earth and straightforward about all the services he provides and what they entail.  There are no hidden fees and the prices he has are rather reasonable for the degree of importance of the solutions that his services represent for people being negatively affected by internal environmental factors.  Jorge strives to provide great customer service and honestly goes beyond what one requests of him.  He has superb work ethic and is very punctual when making house visits.  If you are experiencing ongoing allergies and feel like the place has "stuffy" air even after you have ventilated it, Smart Air Solutions is the way to go.  Jorge will treat you like a longtime friend.  I wholeheartedly recommend SAS for any services that they provide.

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