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Probiotic Fogging® Treatment

Smart Air's Probiotic Fogging® service provides an anti-microbial fogging solution that safely reduces allergens and eliminates odors. Our Probiotic Fogging® service involves Probiotics, organic beneficial bacteria- which are dispersed from our industrial fogging machines to permeate an entire facility in hard to reach spaces. Our service disperses a film protection consisting of beneficial bacteria throughout your home, including personal items (furniture, air ducts, mattress) and shields them from harmful pathogens.  It is a form of shock treatment that bonds to every cubic inch of exposed surface area, whether it is your home, office or vehicle- consuming bacteria that causes illnesses and odors.

Just think about how most allergy medications work. They treat the symptoms caused by allergens. ProBiotic Mist Allergy Free safely and efficiently works to remove the cause of the problem before it attacks, so your body does not have to react to anything. No treatment is needed if there is no problem to begin with!

No matter how clean you keep your place, you, along with everyone else, have dust mites. Especially in your bed, AC vents, closet, carpet, couch, chairs, and car. Every three seconds, your body sheds about 50,000 old skin cells. Dust mites feast on all of the skin cells you shed every day of your life.

Dust mites are disgusting! After they eat and digest your dead skin cells, they pass it through – however they are so tiny, that their ‘poop’ is very light and it floats in the air that you (and all of us) are breathing in all night long as we sleep, as well as during the day – causing allergy problems for hundreds of millions of people. Removing dust mites as much as possible enables you to breathe better, sleep deeper, recover faster, and perform greater tomorrow.


Beneficial probiotic bacillus actually consumes these allergens, eliminating them from your environment, with the only byproduct being the same CO2 you expel with every breath. So, PureBiotics provides billions of safe ‘little friends’ constantly working to remove the very irritants that cause problems. In addition to its incredible cleaning power, it even has a drying effect which aids in controlling the environment

Whether you are looking to eliminate odors or receive a complete hygiene service in your home, our service is 100% guaranteed to produce satisfying results. Our treatments are unlike any others due to its effectiveness- it consumes germs and odors through Probiotic Fogging®, the most advanced and organic hygiene service on the market!  Contact us today to take the first step in creating a healthier and balanced indoor environment! 

Natural Probiotic Spray (Non Scent)
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Natural Probiotic Spray (Non Scent)
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