How It Works

Smart Air's Probiotic Fogging® service provides an anti-microbial fogging solution that safely reduces allergens and eliminates odors and mold. Our Probiotic Fogging® service involves Probiotics, organic beneficial bacteria- which are dispersed from our industrial fogging machines to permeate an entire facility in hard to reach spaces. Our service disperses a film protection consisting of beneficial bacteria through out your home, including personal items (furniture, personal items, walls, etc) and shields them from harmful pathogens.  It is a form of shock treatment that bonds to every cubic inch of exposed surface area, whether it is your home, office or vehicle- consuming bacteria that causes illnesses and odors.

Did you know that every minute, your body naturally sheds skin cells that create a breeding ground for dust mites? Dust mites are known to cause allergic reactions to the average american. Probiotics work effectively in a one step process to reduce allergies caused by dust mites. Once probiotics have been dispersed, they consume all particulate matter that lead to indoor irritants. Through a process called quorum sensing, probiotics begin to clean on the microscopic level, safely converting microbes, allergens, and dust mite feces into Co2. 

Whether you are looking to eliminate odors or receive a complete hygiene service in your home, our service is 100% guaranteed to produce satisfying results. Our treatments are unlike any others due to its effectiveness- it consumes germs and odors through beneficial bacteria, the most advanced and organic cleaning agent on the market!  Contact us today to take the first step in creating a healthier and balanced indoor environment! 


Probiotic Fogging® Treatment

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After we have ensured that all areas to be treated are carefully cleaned. Our Safe and effective Probiotic Solution will be dispersed (Fogged) into the affected area.