Probiotic Hygiene Spray (Pine Scent)

Probiotic Hygiene Spray (Pine Scent)


Control & protect your personal micro-environment. Every spray of our Allergy Free Probiotic Formula immediately goes to work to remove harmful dust mites and other allergens, irritants, contaminants. Perfect for allergens and dander from dogs, cats and other pets! Safe to spray around your pets too.

University and hospital tested and approved, this StaBiotic formulation is now used in over 30 countries, is especially effective for healthier breathing and sleep and beneficial for all areas of your home, office or any work space so you can live ALLERGY FREE!

It is the key to a healthy home and all work areas. Great for all types of surfaces including Yoga mats, bedding etc.

NSF Certified - No Artificial Colorants Added.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with long lasting (up to 3 days) Probiotic Cleaning Spray protection!

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